Top iPhone Apps for Plant Fans

Folks have various hobbies and each entirely different from the other. There are so many things one can have access to by merely using their right that is iPhone and one of these is honing one’s hobbies. If you’ve got the inclination to pick up a pair of pruning scissors and go snip-snip on the plants in your balcony, yard or garden and find it healing, then you’d be amazed at the number of iPhone programs out there that may allow you to indulge your green thumb. Here is a listing of the top iPhone apps on gardening, predicated on various iPhone app reviews:



Garden Plot: With this awesome app that is free you can track the growth of your plant, from birth to full grown tree or shrub, depending on its kind. It’s possible for you to set its birth date in the time you planted the seed and add events that were important in its development as you go, along with pictures and descriptions. A fascinating way for connecting with other gardeners is what makes this among the top iPhone programs.

Garden Plan Pro: Think of the as a big calendar and notebook on gardens. It categorizes also and all the plants you’ve got those you’re considering purchasing, providing you with the best time of year to purchase them along with the conditions essential for their healthy development. It also offers great advice on lawn treatment services.

Mother Earth News: Centralized around the gardening theme, this program allows for discussions on other topics as well such as all-natural food, a lot of ‘do it on your own’ methods of planting, horticulture and environment amongst others.


Garden Lite:  A horde of advice is saved in the huge database of this small program. It is easily among the top iPhone apps in the market on horticulture, with its vast array of plant species along with details on where they should be grown, how and why.

Other top iPhone apps like iPflanzen and NatureGate can instantly identify a plant for you by only sending a picture of it to them. These new programs increase your knowledge of plants and their behaviors, all the while educating one to observe by watching intently. Additionally they have a feature whereby you are able to identify a plant by giving out small details like the colour of the blossom, or the shape of the leaf.

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