The Best Health Apps Available On iOS

There is an app for just about every aspect of your life. If you don’t believe it, just check out health apps for your iOS. You can get an app to help your track and plan everything about your health from the number of steps you take every day to how many liters of water you have consumed in one day. Here is a list of some the best health apps for your iOS.



To get you started on an exercise regimen, C25K FREE has a plan to help you co from the couch to running a 5k in about 3 months. This app is designed for beginners, and requires three 30-minute sessions each week. It uses an interactive virtual coach to help with motivation, and there is an entire community of users with whom you share your stats. The app is free, and available for Android, too.

Nike+ Running

If you are already a runner, then Nike+ Running may be for you. This app is free, and allows you to keep track of your distance, time, pace, and calories consumed. You can share this data with other members of the community. One of the fun things about this app is that each time someone “likes” your status updates, you hear a cheer through your headphones. In addition, if you are on a tough run, you can listen to Nike athletes as they voice inspirational messages, or listen through the Nike Powersong.


For an overall approach to your health, consider Fig. This is a free app, also available for Android, that allows you to develop a plan for several aspects of your life. You can program it to keep track of your water intake, remind you to take the stairs or check in with the spouse, remind you to take medications, and to make suggestions for lunch based on your schedule. You can also join the community and share challenges and victories. It’s sort of like having your own home health spa because it encompasses every aspect of your health. Call it a “pocket Health Farm”, and you have a clearer idea of how handy this app would be for turning your everyday life into a spa event.


For recipes that are easy to make and that will fit into your lifestyle and diet, consider the Foodily app. It is free, and you can get brand new recipes every single day. Did you buy a certain ingredient, but forget why you bought it? You can do a search on the Foodily app, keying in on that ingredient, and find plenty of recipes that use the ingredients. You can even take pictures of your on recreations of famous chefs’ dishes, sharing them with the community.


If you need a little more structure with your diet, Fooducate is a free app that will tell you how many calories are in each dish, along with the other nutritional elements available.
With apps, everything is easier. It’s also easier to become part of various communities and share your victories.

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