Responsive Website Design Testing

There are websites that I feel need a bit of work, I think they are obviously sold to customers as being fully responsive but some mobile devices just won’t display the website properly. So how do we go about changing this kind of thing? Well, it’s difficult but I usually test all of the devices I review with the same websites.

One website I use is Crossdeck, this is a great example of something that should work straight off the bat, the website was not designed for mobile use and I like to see how a mobile device tries to deal with it. The phone/tablet shouldn’t have any problem whatsoever accessing what it needs to. Responsive web design is getting a lot of praise at the moment for being the future of web-design, I really can’t see it taking off. The way that people talk about the popularity of smart devices is that browsing on your PC or Mac is inferior, this is simply not the case. The reason the majority of users will browse the internet on a mobile device is because they aren’t in the house and don’t have access to a PC.

If I personally had the choice of using a mobile device or a Computer, I would pick the computer. But that isn’t to say that companies can’t create really good responsive websites, I’ve seen Rokk media do some stellar work in the past, creating some sites that just look great on mobile devices.

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