How To Choose Lawn Care Companies

Even the most avid and skilled gardener can often benefit from the resources and advice of a good lawn care company. Face it – isn’t it more worth your time to hire someone to come with a drum aerator, than to spend endless hours with a hand-held aerator twice a year? A good lawn care company will save you time, for sure. But, it will also save you money you might otherwise spend on tools and chemicals that don’t work. It also can save you a lot of trouble. Here are some pointers on how to choose lawn care companies. 14229163411_20cd7b0b63_k

Decide Which Services You Need


Before you start evaluating lawn care companies, think about what kind of services you actually need. Companies like Lawnmaster provide full services throughout the year, but there may certain times of year that you find particularly difficult to keep up with the needs of your garden. For example, if you are facing a deadline at work you may not be able to spray pre-emergent on your lawn. Perhaps your shade trees have gotten so large that you no longer can keep up with pruning of cross-branches or dead limbs. Maybe your lawn is simply so big that you can’t keep up with mowing, blowing and edging.

It could be that you just need some seasonal help. For example, mowing in the summer is no problem, but cleaning out planting beds and mulching is just too much.

Once you decide which services you need, you can start looking for a lawn care company. Simple mowing and edging can often be done by neighborhood teens. But, if you need soil analysis or help with trouble spots in the lawn you’ll need more professional help. Trees and shrubbery also require trained arborists, like those employed by Lawnmaster. Not everyone can properly prune trees, and can end up damaging irreplaceable specimens.

With a list in hand of the variety of services you’ll need, you can determine whether or not you want regular service or just occasional help. You can schedule with most lawn care companies to have weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-annual services for your lawn.

Get Opinions


Check with other gardeners to see which lawn service they use. Are they happy with their service? Here are some questions to ask:

  1. Do they show up on time?
  2. Do they leave a mess?
  3. Are they professional and clean?
  4. Do they offer scheduled maintenance?
  5. Are they licensed arborists?

These questions are also good for use in the interview. Next, check with business oversight organizations to see if there are any complaints about this business. If there are, take it seriously. You don’t want to pay in advance for a year’s worth of service, only for the company to skip town.

Get a Quote

A lawn care specialist will often look at your lawn and garden, and give you a quote on services. Get the quote in writing, with clearly outlined services.

If you’ll check references, read reviews, and interview potential services, you’ll find a good lawn care company.


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