Great Surfing Apps You Just Can’t Live Without

Surfers used to have to take their chances, chasing waves wherever they may be found. Knowledge of the seasons is certainly an advantage when you plan your surfing adventure, but there’s nothing like finding apps that can keep you advised on the latest weather and surf conditions. You can get up-to-date information about the best equipment to use for particular locales, too. Find out, before you hit the road, whether or not there is a huge family reunion cluttering the beach of your favorite destination, or if there are shark warnings in unexpected locations. The problem is that there are over 800 apps related to surfing, and you can get lost trying to figure out which ones are the best for your needs. These great surfing apps will make your holiday a sure thing, and keep you on the water longer.

NOAA Buoy and Tide Data

Get your information straight from the experts. NOAA – the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – has satellites that circle the earth receiving information from buoys all over the world. This data is available to surfers, fishermen, and boaters through the Buoy and Tada Data app. You can get all the scoop on wind speed, wind direction, water temperature and air temperature, as well as information on the tides. You can even find out the atmospheric pressure.

Seabreeze Free


A free app that is available on iTunes and will soon be available on android is Seabreeze Free. It provides wind predictions that are usually exact, and you also get tide and wave height data. You can even get info on swell direction. For a free app, you get a lot of data to make your surfing holiday safer and more fun.

Surf Stoked


If you like to surf with your mates, Surf Stoked is a great app. This will help you to send pictures and invite them to your location. You set it up with an outgoing email, and share with your friends, inviting them to your location. It saves you hours, and makes it much easier to choose places to get together with other surfers.

Surfboard Finder


Broken equipment is a major buzz-kill. With Surfboard Finder, you have another free app. This one helps you find local surf shops that can get you back on the waves in record time. You can enter all kinds of information, such as your skill a d fitness levels, the types of waves you prefer, and the type and weight of board you prefer. This app will show you the stores in your area that have inventory that suits your needs.



This is an app made for everybody, regardless of your skills level whether your having surf lessons or not. Beginners to experts can benefit from this app, with tips, techniques, and advise on selection of equipment. This app will even let you enter data from your surfing activity and get tips on how to improve your skills.

With surfing apps, you can stay safer, keep your equipment working, and find friends, all with a handheld device.

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