Communications And How Far We Have Come

The pace that technology is moving these days is pretty incredible, especially when we look at the the past couple of decades. Technology has come so far from the 2mb storage devices and the 386 computers. But if you look at our communications, how have they evolved?


Well for one thing we have the internet, that’s an incredible feat in itself. Millions of people all connected through a series of wires, satellites and wireless signals, when you think about it it doesn’t seem possible. If you think how crazy it was to even have the thought of communicating through satellite installations in space, it’s pretty insane. But now with all of the internet and everything else we have it just seems less impressive.


Look at mobile phones these days though, instead of just basic text messages and phone calls, we can now send videos, and multimedia messages easily as well as accessing the internet. We have 3G and 4G connections that send data at incredible speeds, especially for wireless devices. But where do we go next? Do the speeds just keep increasing or do we eventually hit a maximum? Who knows, it’s exciting to think about the future though, when we have technology like this.

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