17 Smartphone Programs for Plant Fans

Not Sure What This plant or flower Is?

Your smartphone may be able to identify it. As a result of other plants, identifying flowers, trees, and the most recent programs has gotten simpler. So here’s a great list of app that can help you to identify plants in the future!


Applications To Help With Wildflowers

Audubon Wildflowers £1.99

IPad, Android and iPhone, iPod Touch

Audubon Wildflowers: A Field Guide to North American Wildflowers has up to date search attributes, so it is not difficult to research its copious maps, botanical information and color pictures. Superb user friendly, Wildflowers additionally lets you add your own photo album, save your own lists of more and wildflower sightings.

Wildflower Programs from High Country Apps

IPad, iPhone, android and Kindle Fire

Seek out flowers by family, colour, name (common and botanical), and more. Drawings, color photographs, and interesting facts included.
Interesting Programs for Gardeners and Other Outside People

You can now plan your garden, troubleshoot landscaping issues and identify plants on the go. No shuffling through field guides, making lists that are handwritten or just attempting to recall what fertilizers or plants, tools you require. Simply use your smartphone!

The 17 programs underneath, which vary from free to just under $10, are useful and interesting tools for nature lovers, landscapers and home gardeners .

Garden Guide: FREE

Android 2.2

Garden Guide, the program variant of the popular novel by an identical name, is accessible from ATZ Software free of charge.

Garden Guide contains an extensive variety of advice, from the lowdown to links to helpful gardening sites on all-natural pest control strategies and plant site choice.

It’s possible for you to hunt by size, seeds, flower color, bloom time, autumn colour, sun requirements, hardiness zone, contour, growth habits, and leaf kind. Professional landscapers and non pros alike can use this software.

Entries contain authentic color photographs you zoom and can steal. In addition, it lets you add and share opinions and pictures with other users at no price. Upgrades are free.

Flower Pedia includes thousands of stunning bloom pics, Flower Pedia is a flower encyclopedia program as its name implies. It includes thousands of bloom pictures, some in great large planters for trees. They are ordered by family, genus, and user evaluation. Flower Pedia additionally supplies fundamental bloom tips to help users ID blooms using the program’s easy “identify” attribute. The new 2.0 version has blossom-sharing community capacities as well as enhanced search functions.

Landscaper’s Company £1.99

Landscaper’s Company makes it possible to choose the best plants for your lawn.
Landscaper’s Company makes it possible to choose the best plants for your lawn. | Source
The Landscaper’s Company program is an useful reference (with pictures) for home gardeners and landscapers. It includes general advice about more than 7,000 plants, supplying both common and , names scientific plant customs and type.

Use Landscaper’s Company to locate plants that grow in your USDA Hardiness Zone as you plan your landscape. You can even hunt by colour, plant size, light demands and water needs. It lets you save your own pictures, private notes, and plant lists also. Info upgrades and regular picture are free.

Master Gardener’s Buddy.

iPad iOS 3.2 or after

Gardeners can map out their gardens, creating to-do lists, planning what they’re going to put, recording what they’ve already put and targeting plants for removal.

They save and can get tons of information, including photographs, as they constantly update their plantings.

Some users think that MG Buddy is a tad complicated, but don’t worry, it gets easier with use.

Gardenate £0.99


Whether you live in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, the united kingdom, or Australia, Gardenate gives you the info you have to grow your own vegetable garden. Contains the lowdown on the most frequently grown a garden calendar of local putting times together with veggies where you stay. It’s possible for you to take notes with Gardenate and monitor your plants’ improvement.

Leafsnap: FREE

Leafsnap enables users to identify trees by shooting a picture or “snapshot” of its leaves. Created by the Smithsonian in conjunction with the University of Columbia and Maryland University, Leafsnap functions like face recognition applications, but it is leaf recognition applications.

Not only does the program supply the name of the tree, but in addition, it supplies high quality pictures and info about the tree’s bark, seeds, fruits and blossoms.

Although the current database of Leafsnap only contains the trees of the Northeastern United States, it’ll shortly feature trees from the entire continental US.

Download Leafsnap at no cost to your iPhone or iPad. Leafsnap UK is, in addition, accessible.

If you are like me, you have been waiting three years for the Leafsnap program for Androids. What is taking so long?

Flora Finder is comparable to Leafsnap, just it is for New Zealanders.

Programs for Cactus Fans

Cactus Plant Encyclopedia 1.0 £0.99


IPad, iPhone4, iPhone 3G iPod Touch, and /3GS

Cactus Plant Encyclopedia supplies profiles of 300 cacti. Profiles contain a picture, the common in addition to scientific name of the plant, growing conditions, and more.

Cactus Passion £0.99

Cactus Passion not only includes pictures and info of many cacti, but in addition, it has incorporated Facebook functions and e-mail.

Programs About Fungi

Every mushroom program I’ve seen, For Example, Audubon Mushrooms Guide, is rated “Guidance Suggested.” Kids shouldn’t use these programs for gathering or ingesting mushrooms without responsible adult supervision because mushrooms may be toxic.


Each entry supplies color photographs, up to date taxonomic advice, species descriptions, and more. Use it to identify specimens when you are on the go or to learn more about fungi.

The program lets you search its database in multiple ways, including by habitat, cap contour, colour, and scientific name.

Fungitron: FREE


Android 2.1

Advice is provided by Fungitron about 70 species of mushrooms. Additionally, it supplies users with tons of helpful strategies (about 150) for identifying mushrooms, including pictures and links to mushrooms that appear quite similar.

On the negative, because Fungitron is free to upload, it’sn’t free of advertisements.

After uploading, on the upside, Fungitron is offline that is fully practical.