5 Great Mobile Dance Resources

Apps have brought the world to your fingertips. You can choose music through apps, buy an entire wardrobe through apps, keep up with celebrities through apps, you can even exercise to apps. Dancers have found that this is also a great way to find new choreography ideas or get quick notification of casting calls. Regardless of the genre of dance, you can find an app to make your job or calling simpler and richer at the same time.



8Counts is an inexpensive app at 99p. It gives the choreographer a way to enter their routines into an easily organized notebook. Dancers can write down their routines on the provided 8-count sheets. These easy to read sheets can be organized however you want them organized, and can be conveniently emailed. You can attach music to the sheets, as well.



SeeDance.com is a free app that works on iOS and androids equally well. It will locate dance studios, performances, outfitters, and other things that are dance-related, based on your current location. You can even find out where to find performances in your area, as well as reviews on the performances. Wherever you go, you can find local stores to provide you with dancewear for practice and performances, and you can find local studios where you can learn something new.

Ballet Index

The Ballet Index is only 99p, and works with iOS systems, specifically your iPad or iPhone. This is a must-have for the student learning ballet terminology. With 200+ terms, you have a thesaurus that is constantly updated. You can learn the correct spelling of ballet vocabulary, as well as balletproper pronunciation of each term. You can also get full definitions, along with pictures demonstrating each position. Ballet students benefit the most from this app. It offers a trial version that is free, but you can buy the app for the full dictionary.

Dance Journal


For £1.99 you can have an online journal in which you can record your routines. You can use it as a logbook or as a journal, notating your choreography for each routine. You can also add photos and videos, and supplement with online videos. The app includes a filing system so that you can organize the contents of your journal.

StarNow Audition Finder


StarNow Audition Finder is a free app for the professional dancer. You can create your own professional profile, and receive notifications of casting opportunities in your designated area. This app is used by many different genre, including actors, musicians, and models. The app does the work for you by scanning all of the open casting calls, updating several times a day. You can view the job description and apply online, no matter where you are.

As a dancer, you will find that the convenience of dancing apps makes it much easier to build routines, communicate choreography, and even choose music for your dance. The cost of pocket change, you can find jobs and expand your skills.

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